French poster for Wes Craven’s Deadly Blessing.

I’ve spent my Sunday watching horror films and of the three I’ve watched so far (including Snuff and Night Train Murders), I liked this one the most.

Wanna date? Going out? Looking for some action? Need some company? Got any money?

Patty Mullen in Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker.

Totally forgot I submitted this, but it’s finally been posted. Yay!

Lynch with the new Criterion Blu-ray release of Eraserhead ohemgeeohemgeeohemgeeohemgeeohemgeeohemgeeohemgee.

“Every second counts when I am with you.
I think you are a pig - you should be in a zoo.”
Every Little Counts (New Order)

James Spader and Kim Richards in Tuff Turf.

My dad and my sister have been binging on eighties teen films the last couple of weeks and I watched this last night. Was pretty damn groovy.