Ann-Margret and Jack Nicholson in Ken Russell’s Tommy.

Helen Mirren as Caesonia in Tinto Brass’ controversial Caligula.

“I don’t have fond memories of recording Movement, and it’s certainly far from my favourite New Order album. I played it once or twice after it was finished and decided I didn’t like it. I felt all the edges had been smoothed off and it was devoid of its own identity and uniqueness. I really missed Ian being there and his absence was something I was very aware of throughout the entire process.”
— Bernard Sumner on New Order’s 1981 debut, Movement.

Front (and spine) artwork for Dawn of the Dead on Japanese VHS.

My mind is going. There is no question about it.

Recorded during the sessions for the band’s second album, Power, Corruption & Lies, Murder finally serviced as a single in 1984, albeit only in Belgium. The song is an aggressive instrumental piece, although it notably contains samples from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Tinto Brass’ notorious Caligula.

The problem is, if I say, ‘I’m straight’ nobody will come around to my house and take a picture of my boyfriend. If I say, ‘I’m gay’ then somebody will come around and try to take a picture of my girlfriend. It’s all very well people telling me to be open about it, but it will impact on my life. Why should I have to bear the brunt of what would happen? All I know is that if it’s not something I have any interest or desire to talk about, then that needs to be my only reason.

Elly Jackson.